Student discount of 10% on ISIC, ITIC and EURO<26

The procedure for the discount with a student or teacher card

  1. You can apply the discount after the selection of products in the shopping cart.
  2. Under the product listing, open the "I have a discount coupon or ISIC" offer.
  3. Enter the card number in the appropriate box and click "Use" to confirm.
  4. The system automatically verifies the entered data in the issuer's database and displays the discounted price.
  5. If the card is not valid or the holder does not match the specified name, the discount is not applied. If you think you are eligible for this discount, you need to contact the card issuer and acquaint it with the problem.

TIP: When making a purchase in the value of at least €50, we provide FREE transport in the SR. Therefore, when applying a 10% discount, we recommend that you order goods worth at least €55.56 so that you are still entitled to FREE shipping after the deduction of the discount.

The conditions for applying discounts

  • The 10% discount applies to the entire range with the ISIC • ITIC • EURO<26 cards.
  • The name of the card holder must match the name listed in the order.
  • The discount cannot be combined with coupons and other special events.
  • In stores, it is necessary to show a valid license and the discount applies to undiscounted goods.
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